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Corporate vision: To build an "aircraft carrier" in China's fabric industry and become China's first-class home furnishing fabric company. "To create an "aircraft carrier" in China's fabric industry is Kelida Group's heavy responsibility to the society, employees, partners, and all shareholders. "Building a corporate brand, promoting the culture of the famous family, and becoming a first-class home furnishing fabric enterprise in China" is the long-term goal of the Kolida Group, the driving force for Kolida's sustainable development, and the mission given to Kolida people by the times. Corporate values: true, simple, fast, and effective Core strategy: "fast", "precise" and "good"-persistence, second accuracy, and third realization Brand mission: Life · Art · Home is the home of love that everyone must be born to pursue. Kelida uses art to interpret the connotation of quality life home. Kolida loves life, loves art, and loves home even more. Talent concept: Tongde, Tongxin, Tongxiang, Tongde, Kelida firmly believes that people are the most valuable corporate asset. Kolida advocates the employment concept of "not only academic qualifications, not only qualifications, emphasis on morality and talent, knowing people for good use, and making the best use of their talents"; advocating a working atmosphere of "dedication and diligence" and believes that only in a good working environment can employees have the greatest display of their talents Space, the company can achieve rapid development; "To do its best" is first of all respect for talents, on the basis of equality, respect for employees’ career development goals; on the premise of respect, care for employees, treat employees as business partners, and help It achieves the best return on investment in a career and develops together with the company. Business philosophy: stressing integrity, emphasizing quality, creating brand integrity marketing is the soul of Kelida's marketing strategy and the basic principle of Kelida's marketing activities. "Honesty" means being honest. To customers, to dealers, and to anyone dealing with Kolida, Kolida people treat each other sincerely. "Trust" refers to the supremacy of credit, and we will never do anything that violates our promises to win the trust of our partners. Focusing on quality is the soul of quality that Kelida pursues throughout his life. To survive by quality and to win by quality, Kelida insists on strengthening the quality awareness of all employees and actively implements total quality management. Day after day, we strive for perfection and open the door to the market with high-quality products. To create a brand, Kolida always believes that the establishment of a brand requires the support of three levels of popularity, integrity and reputation recognition, and three levels are indispensable. Through high-quality products and services, establish a reputation with consumers and realize the organic unity of brand value and product value. Quality concept: Quality is the lifeblood of an enterprise, the foundation of the brand, and the soul of service. Quality requires process technology and customer satisfaction as a guarantee, and it is also a guarantee for participating in competition. Service concept: Everything is only for customer satisfaction, Keli Da provides the most intimate and high-quality service with love, sincerity and sincerity.


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